Here is my fixes for some common/uncommon workarounds to the internet blocking software called Coldturkey.

Last updated 20210702


What is coldturkey?

"Cold Turkey is a hardcore website blocking app that not only clogs distracting sites but also shuts off apps or even the entire internet." -

Great writeup of Pro's /Con's of coldturkey

To the workaround

Then `the fix`

Workaround Frozenturkey AKA computer blocking (windows):

I can just start my computer and from the lock screen turn off WIFI, then restart my computer go into the bios (on my pc its accessed by pressing "F12"  multiple times right on power up. Changing what time the computer thinks from say 4am to 9am, rebooting the computer then going into windows date and time setting this is possible because the pc think's its in a time is outside a blocking period which basically turns off the block making frozen turkey useless!

Note: windows doesn't like it when you set the time / date in the past it will lock the computer if done incorrectly. set it to sometime within the next 24 hours when your blocker is enabled.

The Fix: (attempt #3 third times the charm)

Disable the ability to turn change time settings, and lock the app that changes it.


because this disables the ability to get around the time blocks by not having access to change it in the first place. This will have the unfortunate consequence: you will not be able to change the time on your pc unless it does it automatically

Warning: this can fuck up your system if you do it wrong! always be carful.

Previously this method required scary regex edits, but is now handled from within cold turkey!

Solution is three fold:


A) Disable ability to change the time

B) Set Bios Master Password

C) give password to recovery partner

A) Disable Time Changing

Just enable "Block Time & language settings" from within Coldturkey settings panel

  • Go into Coldturkey settings > blocking > "Block time & language settings when a block is enabled" turn it on
  • What does this do?:
  • it stops the ability to change the time, so you can set the current time to a time of day that a block is not enabled thus making the blocking useless

How to check if it worked

From within Date & time check to see if the "change" button is grayed out under "Set the data and time manually"

Also: click the sync now button

What normally happens is the time zone updates

If you get Time synchronization failed this means it was successfully enabled!


B) Set Bios Master Password

NOTE! WRITE DOWN this password, DO NOT FORGET THIS PASSWORD you will lock your self out of your computer in a way that is vary vary hard to fix, even tech support people will have a hard time fixing it. I know b/c I'm one of them

WRITE YOUR PASSWORD DOWN, not this is not my real password ;)

how to set bios password

yet another random image from google, now days things are SMD and dont look anything like this photo :)

Because every computer has a deferent way to doing things

Ill show how to find the information on google and what it looks like set bios password on my computer

How to find instructions for your computer on google

how to set bios password <YOUR COMPUTER MODEL>

Click here

For me it looks like this:

How to get into the bios:

During POST, when the DELL logo is displayed, watch for the F2 prompt to appear, and then press F2 immediately.

source: XPS 15 Service Manual | Dell US

To enter the system setup, press F2 immediately after a power-on or reboot.

Should be found under "security"

Written Instructions from google


  1. In the System BIOS or System Setup screen, select Security and press Enter. The Security screen is displayed.
  2. Select System/Admin Password and create a password in the Enter the new password field.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Press Esc and a message prompts you to save the changes.
  5. Press Y to save the changes.

Source: XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 Service Manual | Dell US

Other examples of admin passwords

C) Give password to recovery partner

Important Step: Give password to trusted person & make sure the password is hard for you to remember


  1. give to 2 reliable recovery partners
  2. trusted family members
  3. trusted friends
  4. person in another time zone ( idea someone in the antipodal time zone to you)

Bad: examine-fairly-where-wall$$

  • to easy to memorized

Normally this would be actually a decent password, but sense were trying to block ourselves out of our own computer a hard to remember password is good thing in this specific case


I recommend using a very long and computer generated password

Click here for good password generator

its long, hard to remember


after you have tested it at least 1 time it was setup correctly

the idea here is to have a password you can use multiple times without the worry to memorizing it, provided you deleted all copies you have. this is what I do. I ask for the password from my recovery partner and then delete it when I'm done. so far so good.

Pro tip:  have recovery partner use a password manager like Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager


  • disable time changing within windows
  • enable Bios admin password
  • Give Password to recovery partner for safe keeping

Stay safe out there!



by oran collins
oranbusiness (wacha wach symbole )

No need to follow these bellow steps!

DO NOT FOLLOW THE BELOW STEP! Use the above method, its safer, it actually works and its way the fuck easier!


Important make a regex backup!

file > export

Now on to the reset of the tutorial!


In the tutorial i was following it expected a international folder but i dont have that so we fix that by creating it

Now right-click on International then select New > DWORD (32-bit) value.

1) Right Click  on "microsoft"

2) "new > key"

3) Right click on untilted folder "rename" to Control Panel

4) repeat 1-3 but with International

Right-click International and select New > DWORD (32-bit) value.

Rename to PreventUserOverrides by right click rename

Right Click on it select modify

What this magic number means

1: for this entry disables the rights of all non-administrators to change the date and time.

0: enables the rights of all non-administrators to change the date and time.

Turn on this automatic time zone stuff in window Date and time settings, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Restrict all users from changing Date and Time using Group Policy Editor

Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> System >> Locale Services.

NOTE: make sure you have "Set time automaticaly" and "set time zone automatically" are set before you do this step!! this could be a big deal!

After everything is done you can block the Group Policy editor from making changes again by blocking this file: C:\Windows\system32\mmc.exe

Turns out this didnt work for me! im on a newer windows 10 it may be the trick if your on windows 7 or older

Fix try #2

Update 20210604 This didnt work either! :(