This is my post about my experiments with teaching coding languages and other fun things using clicker training

You might ask what the hell is clicker training?

Clicker Training when applied to teaching people is more commonly called `TAGteach` is defined as:

Clicker training is a positive reinforcement[1]animal training method based on a bridging stimulus (the clicker) in operant conditioning.

More about TAGteach

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Teach for loops in Golang

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golang playground


package main
import (
func main() {
    for i:=0; i<3; i++ {               // start of the execution block
        fmt.Println("Hello")       // prints "Hello" 3 times
    }                                  // end

Breaking down the task in small steps

1] for 
2] i:=0; 
3] i<3;
4] i++ 
5] {
6] fmt
7] .
8] Println
9] "("
0] "Hello"
1] ")"
2] "}"

Repeat 5 times


student will be like okay i got this now let me do it on my own






Side quest:

fun fact these clickers were used in D-day!

D-Day cricket – 101st Airborne Division – Signaling clacker – D-Day Overlord

In World War II Clickers were used by Allied paratroopers preceding and during Operation Overlord as a way of covertly identifying friend from foe. A soldier would click once and if two clicks were received in return from an unidentifiable soldier then his identification was confirmed.
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by oran collins
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