This is giving me goose bumps just getting to use it!

Last updated 2021

What the hell is copilot anyways and why should I care?

Well boy this is hands down the most amazing application of machine learning ive seen in the software development industry ive ever seen. I live for this stuff,

Copilot Simply is Autocomplete for coders......but wait.... its cooler than it sounds!

Let me show you

What I was working with before, the best autocomplete software around currently only predicts 1 -2 words/syntacs things at best.

This predicts whole chunks of code!

This Β  Β  is Β  Β  amazing!

Well boy, this is hands down the most amazing application of machine learning I've seen in the software development industry I've ever seen. I live for this stuff,

It like that but for coding!

Sentient robots? nah! autocomplete

aint your grampa's code complete

Just think of all the implications for new and seasoned programmers! millions of lines of reparative code, POOF gone!

Test try #1

Count the letter frequency of all the character within a string

the suspect
var string = "Welcome to Tabnine! Tabnine's latest and greatest code completion AI model is initializing. Meanwhile, let us introduce Tabnine Hub. This is where you can find all your information about Tabnine's installation and configuration settings. Click tabnine on your IDE's status bar open Tabnine Hub."

a few false starts, well I frankly didnt know how to frame my question.

F-ing gold!

But wait why is this different from normal coding?

Heres what i typed:

I got back

Minus the red change i made


Copilot is accedentally a decent chatbot!

Apparently 3 + 4 = 5. πŸ˜†

Real life coding example that blew me away!

the top comment is what I typed Β Notice how i specified the .docx name

the code actually worked! and it grabed my file path from my comment correctly!

this was the moment when I think this is going to dramatically speed up my coding work! funny enough now comments actually drive the coding!

[IDEA] Sudo-code to 90% of a working program!

where you write the sudo code and you get a live view of what the app looks like based off of your sudo code.

Note: sudo code in this case would be very low level and include variable names and all that stuff

So you want to try it!?

😒 its currently in private technical preview, you can ask for a invite here

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So what about security?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

shhh, let me enjoy my cake before it becomes a security hazard.... 😜, but seriously fun thinking about all the fun hacks someone could do with a thing like this...


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