Here's an Typical example of trying to schedule with friends :(

Me: "Hey fam, lets got out to eat!"
Bob: sure!

Alice: toats, when thou?

Me: how about Thursday at 3?

Alice: sorry I'm not available at 3

Bob: Because of work I can only do 3:30 pm.

Solution: :)

add numbers and expected response format:


"Hey fam, lets got out to eat!
1) Thursday at 3:30:pm
2) Friday at 4pm
3) Monday at 8pm
Example response:
Oran: 1,3

Bob: 2,3

Alice: 3,2

Result: 3) Monday at 8pm! easy.

Real world example:

real world example of scheduling strategy in practice

This is great because it works over texting, slack, or any other random messaging platform and doesn't require any software.

by oran collins
oranbusiness <(at)> g-m-a-i-l com