Last updated: 20210428

Here's my recommendations for really cool hardware /software meetups on zoom.

Note: because its the pandemic, so this is just a random photo I found on line..(smile face emoji)

Bots and beer @circuit launch Oakland, ca.

NOTE: pre-pandemic

Silicon Valley Robotics (Mountain View, CA) | Meetup

Mostly show and tell for roboticists really really cool STUFF!

Bonus: check out circuit launch

Directory – Silicon Valley Robotics

Calendar – Silicon Valley Robotics

NY Hardware Start-up

NOTE: pre-pandemic

put on by Nate Padgett

Hardware startup focus, format is that of someone gives talk and some socialization.

homebrew robotics club

Amazing really long running meetup that focuses on robotics really great people and tones of amazing robotics.

IRL meeting is in Bay area, California.

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