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LEET Keyboard – Johan von Konow

Lets get printing!


LEET-Synthesizer/Accessories/3DPrinter_test at main · vonkonow/LEET-Synthesizer

wow cool! github has a stl viewer now!

LEET-Synthesizer/leet_test.stl at main · vonkonow/LEET-Synthesizer

Slice that thing!

Only takes 16 mins!

3d print the project!

Download STL

LEET-Synthesizer/Keyboard at main · vonkonow/LEET-Synthesizer

Unzip and open in your slicer of choice

for me it s prusaslicer (i have a prusamini)

Important! use 20% infill

For me it estimates 3 hour print time

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Print is done!

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by oran collins