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Laxre RFID, Fingerprint, Bluetooth Door Lock -

TL;DR Great if you are just using rfid and finger print reader, touch buttons are useable but not great if you are at night and need to get in quickly.


  • good as rfid reader
  • fingerprint reader responsive and easy to use.


  • button interface is hard to tell if im pressing the correct button, there is no tacktile feedback.(note: just use the finger print reader and rfid, and you should be good).


  • easy, ive tried 1 other door lock, and this is the better of the two in interms of install.Didnt try the app.Didnt try alexa integration.

Why I returned mine.

I really liked the finger print reader.

I'm trying to find a reader that works for
Dangerousthings NExT RFID + NFC hand implant.

I was saddened that this one was not working with the 13.56MHz for my hand inplant.I'm going to buy a 125kHz RFID instead

The impplant has two radios in side

  • NTAG216 13.56MHz ISO14443A NFC chip
  • T5577 125kHz RFID chip (preprogrammed EM41xx 40 bit ID)

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