Downloaded Thorny Python IDE for windows
Thonny, Python IDE for beginners

First Issue:

Needed to setup rpi pico for use with micropython

Solution: Upload the uboot loader for use with micro python

Second Issue:

Had an issue that I didnt know how to run code on the raspberry pi pico, here was the solution:

Select micropython as the target python environment. Boom done!

Lets fun some code!

made using
from machine import Pin
from time import sleep

led_onboard = machine.Pin(25,machine.Pin.OUT)
print("My first Blink Sketch!")
for i in range(10):

print("End of program")

Future Exploration:

Great resources

Link to awesome starter guide from the raspberry pi people

Awesome rpi pico simulator in broswer!

Wokwi - Online Arduino Simulator
Simulate Uno, Mega, FastLED, LCD1602, OLED, Potentiometer and learn from Arduino code examples

Side Quest:

Awesome machine learning at the edge platform!

Edge Impulse

this demo is awesome!


by oran collins
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