Story: I was in my kitchen making some pasta and went to grab the dependable endless salt container, and  to my surprise it was empty. I though, "darn I need to by some salt at the store, and gosh how long has it been sense I bough salt..."
Jumping forward in time, I bough a new container pulled it out of the flimsy brown paper shopping bag and set it next to the old container, and was amazed at what i saw.
It looked like I had put one salt shaker in a time machine and aged it by 10 years.

Herse what I saw:

(sarcastic voice) wow time travel I know....haha

My programmer self though it would be cool to overlay these tow images to see how they compare.

Two things were reviled to me by doing so.

1) over a span of 3 years they box art hasn't changed all that much (duh not so surprising)

2) the Morton logo font got slightly smaller... hmm,  wonder why (I actually don't know, if you do please email me with the answer)

Both images overlayed eachother

Here you go

This one is sudly if you look at the spout its actualy tow different pieces
by oran collins
oranbusiness eat gmail DOOT com