Im trying out timeliner  : All your digital life on a single timeline, stored locally

goal is to combine all my data i generate online into one source

cd ~
git clone
cd timeliner

how to install go

How to Install GoLang (Go Programming Language) in Linux

error and fix for go install

didnt have gcc i used tdm-gcc which worked!

cd cmd/timeliner
go build
./timeliner -h

how to add sms backup (android only) to my timeliner database

Data Source: SMS Backup & Restore · mholt/timeliner Wiki

timeliner add-account smsbackuprestore/1234567890
timeliner add-account smsbackuprestore/1234567890

/mnt/c/Users/oranm/github/timeliner/cmd/timeliner/timeliner add-account smsbackuprestore/1234567890

/mnt/c/Users/oranm/github/timeliner/cmd/timeliner/timeliner import /mnt/c/Users/oranm/Downloads/sms-20210314004348.xml smsbackuprestore/1234567890

 mkdir ~/time_line_dir
 cp sms-20210314004348.xml ~/time_line_dir/
 cd ~/time_line_dir/

How to Add a Directory to Your $PATH in Linux

export PATH=/mnt/c/Users/oranm/github/timeliner/cmd/timeliner/:$PATH
source $HOME/.profile
timeliner -h

timeliner add-account smsbackuprestore/1234567890
timeliner import /home/wisemonkey/time_line_dir/sms-20210314004348.xml smsbackuprestore/1234567890

how to add google location history

go to

how to view outputed sqlite database SQLite Viewer

timeliner add-account google_location/<GMAILADDR>
timeliner add-account google_location/

timeliner import /path/to/ google_location/

timeliner import /home/wisemonkey/time_line_dir/ google_location/

timeliner import ./ google_location/
an error i got, turns out i was trying to import a .zip instead of a .json!
rename from "Location History.json"
To "location_history.json"
timeliner import ./location_history.json google_location/
run the import command
setting up a config file for connections to oauth services EX: facebook, or twitter 
change "YOUR_APP_ID" here
dont forget to add the facebook account here
timeliner add-account facebook/<USERNAME FACEBOOK>
C:/Users/github/timeliner/cmd/timeliner/timeliner.exe add-account facebook/<FACEBOOK ACCOUNT> -config "timeliner.toml"
C:/Users/github/timeliner/cmd/timeliner/timeliner.exe -v get-all facebook/<FACEBOOK ACCOUNT>

how to view sqlite database in the browser

SQLite Viewer