Vemno by default exposes all your transactions to the public

I knew it was bad, but i didnt know it was that bad!
read on!

they have a public api endpoint for all transactions Which is still live!

THE ENDPOINT IS STILL LIVE!!!! as of (2020/03/22)

amazing how much data is contained in transaction history!

check out the article about the all Americans

Scraped datasets of vemno's transaction history between 2017-2018

sa7mon/venmo-data: Venmo trasaction dataset for data analysis/visualization/anything


This is a dataset of over 7,000,000 transactions scraped from the Venmo public API. Venmo is an app which allows users to easily send and receive money.


I Scraped Millions of Venmo Payments. Your Data Is at Risk
Opinion: Venmo makes sending and receiving money a social affair. But those emoji-laden payment descriptions leave you exposed to cyberattacks.

by oran collins
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